Mr Won Lee and Mr Jay Kim from South Korea visited Czech College on December 6,2016 to discuss academic collaboration with educational institutions in South Korea. The duo had a meeting with Savina Maneva, Dean of Czech College and Filip Jankovský, the Head of Admissions.


Research says that about 75 per cent of human perception is performed through visual analysis. Based on this fact, the European Commission’s Erasmus + Project has come up with a new virtual educational system, which is being called Interactive Education in 360°. The programme’s goal is to create an electronic, web-based system for educational content

An old adage goes that even though we maybe looking at the same things, each person sees a different sight. Are you new to Prague? Still exploring this beautiful city? Here’s even more reason to keep exploring and clicking some pictures while you are at it. We, at Czech College, want to know what your


It is always hard to come to a new place, meet new people and settle in. At Czech College, we make this process much easier for you. We hosted our Induction Day for the new students enrolled for courses starting in February 2017 at our campus on November 28, 2016. The aim of this event