School of Health Care

School of Health Care 



Czech College's School of Health Care focuses on educating our students to efficiently manage an Health Care organisation or train foreign educated health care professionals to practice in Czech health care organisations. Our aim as an health care school is to train and equip our students with the highest standard of education in Europe to resolve the challenges and shortage of skills faced by the health care industry. 

Course Offered  

1.    Nurses Adaptation Program  

Czech College is happy to announce our cooperation with STŘEDNÍ ZDRAVOTNICKÁ ŠKOLA, Turnov to deliver our unique course “Nurses adaptation Program”. SZS (Middle Medical School) Turnov is proud of its rich history. Established in 1961 (read more...)

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2.    Post Graduate Diploma in Health Care Management (PGDHCM)

Healthcare management professionals helps the smooth functioning of management and administration in public and private health systems, hospitals, clinics and pharmacy networks. Healthcare is a rapidly changing industry in terms of how and where care is delivered, who is providing those services, and how that care is financed. This 1 year program equips our students to adapt with the changes which the health care industry faces. PGDHCM is suitable for experienced health care professionals aspiring to lead a management position in Health care Industry . (read more....)