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Study Web Design & Development in Prague, Europe

Web design and development is an area of study encompassing everything involved in building a website, from the coding at work behind the scenes, to the design of the user-interface, to content management. If you enjoy working with computers and the Internet, you may excel in a career in web design and development—during which you will actually help to build the Internet itself !

Working in this field is not easy, but it can be rewarding and potentially lucrative. There are many opportunities for entrepreneurship, and many openings with companies large and small across the globe. Even through tough economic times, the web industry has enjoyed sustained and rapid growth—jobs in this industry are not difficult to find for qualified individuals. Simply put; if web technology is your passion, and you have the drive to continue learning new programming languages, tools, and methods throughout your career, you will succeed as a web designer or web developer.

We live in a time universally recognized as the Age of Information. The internet has enabled individuals, organizations, and corporations alike to achieve new heights and explore new avenues of information exchange and financial gain. It is expected that web design and development to grow at a rate 57% faster than the average expected rate of growth for all other occupations combined. There is no better time to begin pursuing a degree in this exciting and blossoming field than now.

There are many different tools and computer languages, and it can be hard to decide what to study. Most web developers will have a thorough understanding of HTML, in addition to being familiar with languages such as JavaScript and so-called “server-side” programming languages such as PHP, Python, Java, and Ruby.

Many companies hire designers and developers separately; however, designers and developers often work closely, and it behooves each to have a working knowledge of the other’s area of study. Many degree-awarding institutions offer classes that cover both areas for students interested in this field, but some programs focus more on the design aspects, while others focus more on programming aspects. Still others seek to give their students a full education in all areas of design and development.

International students studying web design and development in the Europe can expect terrific preparation for a career as a web developer, web designer, webmaster, or web application developer. A degree in this field will teach many skills transferable to a wide range of other careers. From learning about web graphics to the basics of animation to communication and marketing, the classes you take towards a degree in web design and development will give you the tools and knowledge necessary to excel in many different career paths.

Czech College

Czech College in Prague is a private management school focused on teaching Business and Technology Courses in English. Despite the distinctively Czech names of its corporate backers, the school prides itself on its international nature.

Enroll in a course at the prestigious Czech College, choosing to study in English, and at the same time explore the dynamics of the country, its culture.

Take advantage of Prague’s central location in order to see the many cultural sites of Czech Republic and other European cities such as Budapest, Vienna, Krakow, or Berlin which are just a train or bus ride away.

At present Czech College offers following Business and Technology oriented courses to International Students . And the academic section is working on many more courses that will be introduced next year.

School of Business

Course Name         Level                                            Intakes                                                    Progression
PGDSM              Postgraduate                              July/Nov/Feb                                                 MBA
UGDBM            Undergraduate                           July/Nov/Feb                                                 BBA

School of Technology

BSc Multimedia – Web development and e-business
BSC Multimedia- Digital Communication
Masters in Web development and e-business
Masters in Digital Communication

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