Coping with homesickness

How to handle homesickness as you start to study abroad

As you join a new college abroad, the homesick blues may start to set in. Luckily, there are a number of students around the world who have experienced these same feeling before you- this means that ways to cope with and help ease this feeling are out there! Here are a few tips.

Be Outdoor person:  Even if you have nowhere to go, make sure you spend at least 20 minutes outside every day. The fresh air and sunshine can give you an instant mood lift. Plus, this is a great chance to explore and see things you won’t while sitting inside- even if you just take a walk around campus.

Focused Mind:  More than likely your time studying abroad is limited. This means you only have a few weeks or months to enjoy your host country, but the rest of your life to enjoy where you come from (if you’ll be returning after your trip). If you don’t enjoy your time abroad due to being homesick, think about how you’ll feel once you do return home- more than likely pretty upset that you didn’t enjoy your journey to the fullest.

Little Goals help:  Make attainable social goals daily like to talk to one person in your class or to sign up for a club. It’s important to establish a relationship with individuals in your host country to make it feel like your new home. When you have a friend to enjoy your time with, it’s usually more fun!

Technology tactics :  Technology is great for keeping in contact with friends and family back home, but don’t let it be a crutch. Monitor how often you call or Skype home and make sure it’s not impacting your experience abroad.

Revive you hobby:  Just because you’re abroad doesn’t mean you can’t continue your workout routine or knitting club. Do a bit of research or ask your school advisor about any information they might have on a group based around your hobby. If there isn’t one- start one!

Above all, keep in mind that feeling homesick is normal , so  find positive ways to reduce that feeling. Enjoy your time abroad as much as possible.

Czech College

Czech College in Prague is a private management school focused on teaching Business in English.Despite the distinctively Czech names of its corporate backers, the school prides itself on its international nature.

Enroll in a course at the prestigious Czech College, choosing to study in English, and at the same time explore the the dynamics of the country, its culture.

Take advantage of Prague’s central location in order to see the many cultural sites of Czech Republic and other European cities such as Budapest, Vienna, Krakow, or Berlin which are just a train or bus ride away.

At present Czech College offers following business oriented courses to International Students . And the academic section is working on many more courses that will be introduced next year.

Course Name             Level                                 Intakes                               Progression
PGDSM                    Postgraduate              July/Nov/Feb                                 MBA
UGDBM                   Undergraduate          July/Nov/Feb                                 BBA

Contact Czech College, if you are  thinking of studying in Europe . We will be happy to help you with your queries.