Bachelors and Masters in Digital Communication

Career options in Digital Communication

As the world is getting more and more digitized in every respect, Digital Communication is a booming career option today. Digital communications bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs teach the theory and practice of digital data transmission and multimedia technologies.

Digital communication is a vast field with a variety of areas and segments such as :

  • Computer graphics
  • Graphic communications
  • Multimedia development
  • Digital publishing
  • Typographic layout
  • Digital animation
  • Internet marketing
  • Communications law
  • Digital media programming
  • Information systems management

According to a Study made by Direct Marketing Association, Digital Communication  Industry is worth $122 billion! Also, according to eMarketer, Last year, advertising via mobile phones and tablets rose 180 percent, to $4 billion. This market is estimated to touch $7.2 billion soon. This rise is leading for high demand for professionals skilled in Digital Communication and Marketing.

There are many courses available for Digital Communication. One such course is being offered by Czech College.  The Czech College has got a Bachelor Degree Programme and Master Degree Program in  Digital Communication. The course has been made with detailed inputs and feedback from current and former employees of fortune technology companies like Google and Facebook.

Czech College

Czech College in Prague is an institution of international reputation in management and technology education,offering both Management and Technical programmes. Despite the distinctively Czech names of its corporate backers, the school prides itself on its international nature.

Enroll in a course at the prestigious Czech College, choosing to study in English, and at the same time explore the dynamics of the country, its culture.

Take advantage of Prague’s central location in order to see the many cultural sites of Czech Republic and other European cities such as Budapest, Vienna, Krakow, or Berlin which are just a train or bus ride away.

At present Czech College offers following Business and Technology oriented courses to International Students . And the academic section is working on many more courses that will be introduced next year.

School of Technology

BSc Multimedia – Web development and e-business
BSC Multimedia- Digital Communication
Masters in Web development and e-business
Masters in Digital Communication

School of Business

Course Name         Level                                            Intakes                                                    Progression
PGDSM              Postgraduate                              July/Nov/Feb                                                 MBA
UGDBM            Undergraduate                           July/Nov/Feb                                                 BBA

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