Scope of Digital Communication

Study Digital Communication and Emarketing

Digital communication programs train students to create and use technologies for computers, mobile devices and broadcasting. Students in this field may choose to focus their efforts in one or more specific areas, including Web Development and E marketing.

E marketing 

Internet has become the lifeline of any business. The simplest definition of Business is – Any activity or transaction which involves the exchange of goods and services with an objective of earning an income by making a profit. If this very transaction is executed over the internet it is called E-commerce.

This dimension of e transactions for any business offers global opportunities and challenges. With the sophistication in the softwares and CMS used to develop online stores and integrate secure mode of payments developing an ecommerce site is becoming simpler day by day and cost effective.
Web Design
Web designers and developers are programmers who design, create and maintain content for the Internet. They develop, test and evaluate code in Web applications and user interfaces by utilizing a variety of software and programming languages. Based on user activity data and feedback, Web designers adjust content so that it’s compatible with a variety of Internet browsers, mobile devices and computer operating systems. Ultimately, Web designers are responsible for ensuring that end-users are able to navigate websites and access content easily.Our multimedia and digital communications degree programs train students to use a variety of computer-based programs, interfaces and technologies to create multimedia content for Internet, mobile devices, broadcasting and other platforms. Students can take traditional communications theory courses, but they might also learn about emerging media and communications technologies. Coursework includes computer animation and graphics, digital photography, multimedia editing, programming, media management and website development.International students studying Information Technology  in  Europe can expect terrific preparation for a career as an IT manager, software developer or web application developer. Also degree in any of this  field will teach many skills transferable to a wide range of other careers. 

Digital Communication Programmes at Czech College

At Czech College we have programme covering Digital Communication, Web development and E-business. Combining both technical IT and creative skills, this study area cuts across traditional disciplines, allowing you to develop a package of complementary skills that extend the core studies in IT into the design and development of interactive media. Learn how to design and author multimedia information, create electronic documents, design and manipulate databases and information systems, and develop in-demand interactive media project management skills.

At present Czech College offers 4 programmes in the area. They are :

BSc Multimedia – Web development and E-business
BSC Multimedia- Digital Communication
Masters in Web development and E-business
Masters in Digital Communication.

The programmes are offered   in association The Pole Universitaire Leonard de Vinci, France. Our faculty comprises of highly qualified, experienced teachers and we offer a comprehensive programme with a syllabus  tailored  to suit the demands of the booming internet industry.

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