Land in IT job in Europe

Shortage of IT graduates in Europe : Report

According to European Commission recent report, IT sector in Europe will face a shortage of 913000  professionals by 2020 and existing shortage in 2015 is stated to be 509000.

European Commission report further says that more than 90% of professional occupations require some ICT competence. But the number of graduates in computer science is not keeping pace with this demand for skills. As a result, many open vacancies for ICT practitioners cannot be filled, despite the said unemployment rate in Europe.

Demand for IT Graduates in Czech Republic

The last 10 years have seen the number of ICT workers with a university degree increase considerably in the Czech Republic. However, available sources estimate that about 3,000 qualified ICT practitioners are missing every year and will go upto 13000 by 2020.

The country’s labour market suffers from extreme shortage of programmers; there is also a severe scarcity of experienced ICT professionals.

ICT- SKill-Demand-Country_Report_Czech_Republic

IT Job Prospects in Europe

International students studying Information Technology in Europe can expect a terrific and well payed  career as  IT manager, software developer or web application developer. Also degree in any of this field will teach many skills transferable to a wide range of other careers.

Shortage of IT Professionals in Europe and Czech Republic would reach to its heights by 2020 with a shortage of 913000 in Europe and 13000 in Czech Republic. According to recent update there is a shortage of 8200 IT Professionals in Czech Republic in 2015 alone-which means easy jobs for students after completing IT programs .

Study IT at Czech College

At Czech College we have programmes covering Digital Communication, Web development and E-business. Combining both technical IT and creative skills, this study area cuts across traditional disciplines, allowing you to develop a package of complementary skills that extend the core studies in IT into the design and development of interactive media. Learn how to design and author multimedia information, create electronic documents, design and manipulate databases and information systems, and develop in-demand interactive media project management skills.

At present Czech College offers 4 programmes in the area. They are :

BSc Multimedia – Web development and E-business
BSC Multimedia- Digital Communication
Masters in Web development and E-business
Masters in Digital Communication.

The programmes are offered in association The Pole Universitaire Leonard de Vinci, France. Our faculty comprises of highly qualified, experienced teachers and we offer a comprehensive programme with a syllabus tailored to suit the demands of the IT industry.

Contact Czech College, if you are thinking of studying in Europe . We will be happy to help you with your queries.