Reasons for taking an MBA degree

Reasons to study MBA

In the present  global economic scenario , is this the right time to study for an MBA?

In spite of the global economic growth, decline and uncertainty and related scenarios  , the MBA remains the management qualification of choice.

Whether it is right for you will depend on your personal career goals, outlook and work experience.

Remember, skills taught in a good MBA program are fundamental to being successful and confident in business administration.

Goal Matters.

Where do you want your career to go? Start with the end goal in mind and then determine what steps, skills and experience are necessary to get there. If you are set on a career in a specialist area like finance or marketing, look for programs with a strong focus in these areas. Or, if you are looking to manage and lead a team or business then focus on a strong foundation in general management, with the option to study business critical functions such as finance as well.

According to expert opinion, the key trends for the coming years  include:

  • Sustainable energy
  • Climate change
  • Innovation
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Emerging markets
  • Management of health care systems
  • New technologies
  • Global business
  • Management in the non-profit sector

Also there is a prediction that health care and consulting sector will do well. Jobs in marketing and sales will see the biggest rise, followed by finance related areas – except investment banking. This of course will vary by job market, depending on where in the world you study and wish to live on graduation.

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