Prague's economic scene is growing further

Prague has Europe’s lowest jobless rate

Prague is  one of Europe’s most beautiful historical cities and a booming urban economy. As the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague is the major economic and financial center of the country. Those working in the capital produce roughly a quarter of the country’s rapidly growing GDP.

The Prague region had the lowest unemployment rate in the entire European Union last year with 2.5 percent, according to freshly published data from Eurostat . It shared top spot on the list with Germany’s Upper Bavaria.

The city’s central location within Europe has made it a popular destination for foreign investments. Most multinational companies operating in the Czech Republic have their headquarters in Prague, as do many of the largest Czech companies.

Industries and Business  in Prague

In recent decades, Prague has turned from an industrial city to a modern service and R&D-based economy. During this process, local entrepreneurs have been very successful in attracting both foreign and domestic investments.

Nowadays, the service sector is the city’s growth engine and employs around 80% of the workforce in Prague. The most important are the financial sector as well as trade-related services. Another significant part of the workforce is working in Prague’s ever-growing tourist industry.

The number of those working in Prague’s traditional industry domains is declining. The automobile, pharmaceutical and electrical engineering industries remain of importance for the city, however. And, yes, there are still some breweries, too – although their actual economic significance is marginal.

Finding Jobs

People with   skills in the areas of banking and finance, IT and business development tends to find jobs fast in Prague. These are also the fields which can boast the highest average salaries. There are also manifold opportunities other many more areas too.

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The educational structure of Prague is helping

In the recent years Prague has emerged as one of the most sought after educational hubs in all of Europe . There are an extremely high proportion of highly educated people, both locals and expats, knowing languages. Universities and private institutions have started to offer custom tailored courses for industry requirements. Quality human resources help the economy grow further.

Czech College

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Despite the distinctively Czech names of its corporate backers, the school prides itself on its international nature.

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