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Náměstí Míru : 53 meters deep Under Ground Metro Station

Prague has very vast and well organized public transportation system which usually covers all their area and operates 24 hours a day. In Prague there is the option of metro, trams and bus. The metro runs from early morning till midnight. The bus and tram schedules are posted at the stops. Buses and trams start early and end late by connecting to the metro. Tickets can be obtained from ticket machines, bus drivers, tobacco shops, convenience stores, conductors of EC/IC trains and Prague Public Transit Offices.Surely one of them will give you the possibility to get anywhere around the city.

Apart from all that, today in our blog , we will tell a bit more about a particular metro station in prague, called Náměstí Míru .

Náměstí Míru means Peace Square in Czech Language . The metro station here, named after the town square where it is located boast of the deepest one in European Union at 53 meters below the ground.

It also has one of the longest escalators in Europe at 87m long with a vertical span of 43m – without walking, it takes over 2 minutes and 15 seconds to ascend/descend without walking.

Exactly located under the intersection of Crown Street and the Square of Peace (in its eastern corner)the metro station has 4 entrances / exits (all on the square). The square above the station house two important buildings, namely St. Ludmila Church and National House Vinohrady Theatre .

Constructionn of the station was done in the years 1973-1978, when it was constructed as a terminal. At the end of the 90s the station was completely renovated.

Náměstí Míru, however, is not the deepest point within the Prague Metro network; this record belongs to the tunnel between Hradčanská and Malostranská stations (68 m below surface).

Hope you will be in Náměstí Míru one day. For some, it looks scary and amazing same time !

Good luck with Exploring Prague 🙂