Central Europe -MBA destination

Business schools from Central Europe are emerging as the place to be for both local and international MBA candidates.

MBA Programmes in Central Europe

MBA Programmes in Central Europe

 Over the last two decades, Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) has established itself as one of the fastest growing economies in the world.Business schools from Central  Europe are emerging as the place to be for both local and international MBA candidates.

Following the economic trend, the need for highly educated people increased exponentially. When choosing an MBA, managers and professionals, as well as young local entrepreneurs started to look at what business schools in the region could offer them, rather than towards top western business schools. As a Survey reveals, half of central Europe and  41% of Eastern Europe MBA applicants would choose a domestic program.

The main benefit of studying at a regional business school comes from the mixture between the western European business education model (that the majority of the local schools adopt) and the case studies adapted to the specifics of the developing economies. International students are profiting from the local educational background that shapes business skills required within multinationals or organizations operating in the emerging markets around the world.

MBA Programme in Central Europe

Over intervening decades, some of the best business schools emerged in central Europe. Many of these business schools, as with their North American cousins, are associated schools within universities and offer courses including the MBA alongside targeted master’s degrees in specialized subjects such as accounting, finance, marketing or international business. Private business schools also emerged in later years, providing bespoke education unaffiliated to the formal university structure in most western European countries.

The European MBA degree generally differs from the US model in a few major ways. To begin with, though there are always exceptions, European MBAs are usually one year in length, compared with the two-year MBA degree normally found States-side. 

While the shorter program does not allow time for an internship, debate rages in Europe as to whether internships are even acceptable. Internships, an American phenomenon where students will work for experience in their intervening summers, goes against European notions of fairness, to some thinkers.

Why MBA from Central Europe

  • The European business schools are overall cheaper. Although money is not the only thing that is taken under consideration for pursuing a degree in MBA, the debt one takes can significantly vary.
  • Some European programs today have become improbably specialized and focused.
  • The best part about pursuing an MBA from Europe is that European course programs overall tend to be generally a year shorter, though one can expect to have a slightly heavier load of the course in a European MBA program, however, if you want to get a degree quicker than anywhere, then Europe is the place to apply for an MBA course program.

MBAs in Czech Republic

Czech Republic, the heart of Europe, a place where the precise German and flexible and innovative Czech cultures influenced each other for centuries creating historically advanced and innovative products using modern methods of management.

Czech College in Prague

Here in Czech College we connect the west with the east, the north with the south, our specific flexible approach to business equips our students and clients to flourish in a world where permanent change and knowledge importance are the only two constants.

Czech Col­lege based in Prague  helps and pre­pare stu­dents to man­age a mod­ern busi­ness with ease across bor­ders and cul­tures, as our diplo­mas have a focus on Busi­ness, Inter­na­tional Man­age­ment, Finance, Mar­ket­ing, Entre­pre­neur­ship and Oper­a­tions Management.At present Czech Col­lege offers twp busi­ness ori­ented courses to Inter­na­tional Students 

Why Czech College

Teach­ing in Rela­tion to the Industry.

Doing a business course in Czech College gives you a  chance to study a prac­ti­cal diploma rel­e­vant to the indus­try and the mul­ti­cul­tural envi­ron­ment. Devel­oped com­pe­ten­cies learnt dur­ing your business course will quickly find that they can be applied in the every­day life of a company.

In the heart of Europe.

Study­ing in the Czech Repub­lic puts you in the mid­dle of Europe and you have a great chance to dis­cover all Euro­pean coun­tries and places you might oth­er­wise not have had the oppor­tu­nity to visit.

Job Prospec­tus 

On the other hand, bank and insur­ance sec­tors have started to recruit in Europe, because they are look­ing for peo­ple able to work any­where in the world, in non-structured envi­ron­ments such as the new mar­kets in Asia and South America.Large multi­na­tion­als are always inter­ested in invest­ing in qual­ity grad­u­ates who may become top man­agers in the future.

Low Cost of Living 

Although some nick­name Czech Repub­lic as Switzer­land of the East­ern Europe, the costs of liv­ing in Czech Republic are among the cheapest in the Cen­tral and East­ern Euro­pean coun­tries so the life is thus more affordable.

If you are interested to study MBA/Business programme in Czech College, please let us know. We will be glad to answer your questions.