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Best business schools in US & Europe

Where to study MBA, US or Europe ?

For many years, Students from all over the world mostly aspired to study only in US when they considered to take an MBA degree from abroad. But for the last few years or so, a new trend seems to be taking shape. Students are beginning to realize that the one-year European MBA may propel their careers in the right direction. In some cases, it may just be better than the traditional two-year US MBA.

Completing the entire MBA curriculum in one year is the number one concern for many students.A one-year MBA does not necessarily mean the curriculum is more difficult. What it really means is that, just like in the real world, you work hard and you play hard. In fact, the curriculum for most one-year and two-year MBA programmes is pretty much the same.

Here we take a look at the top business schools both in US and Europe.


Rank Best European Business Schools Best American Business Schools
1 London Business School Harvard University
2 INSEAD University of Pennsylvania
3 IE (Instituto de Empresa) Columbia University
4 IMD Stanford
5 University of Oxford MIT
6 Cambridge University University of Chicago
7 Manchester Business School Northwestern University
8 HEC New York University
9 ESADE Dartmouth College
10 Athens University of Eco & Business Yale University
  Source: ReportED Rankings, 2013 Source: ReportED Rankings, 2013


The investment difference between European and American business schools is significant. If you were to get admitted to Harvard or Wharton, you would spend approximately US$ 71,000 or $ 80,000 for your tuition fees alone. In sharp contrast, if you were admitted to INSEAD, IMD or IE, you would spend $ 54,500, $ 43,000 or $ 45,500 respectively (London Business School is an exception as their MBA programme is two years long; your tuition at the LBS is a whopping $ 85,000). So, your European MBA not only saves you time; it also saves you money.

It’s really not fair to compare universities on the basis of rankings. One cannot say with surety that Stanford is better than IMD or vice versa. Rankings can be used as a tool for you to decide which schools you want to apply to, but don’t use rankings to answer the ultimate question — which business school is better? Study the course content, student reviews and placement rates to find the answer to that question.

There are many more Business Schools in Europe that gives very affordable and quality business degrees. For example, Czech Republic has got some of the finest Business Schools in all of Europe . Although nick­named as the  Switzer­land of the East­ern Europe, the costs of liv­ing in Czech Republic are among the cheapest in the Cen­tral and East­ern Euro­pean countries so the life is thus more affordable. 

Czech Col­lege based in Prague  is a good option if you plan to do MBA in Europe.

Czech Col­lege has different  diplomas and degrees programmes  focused  on Busi­ness, Inter­na­tional Man­age­ment, Finance, Mar­ket­ing, Entre­pre­neur­ship and Oper­a­tions Management.

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