Why Study in Europe

Want to Study in Europe : Things to know

want to study in europe- things to know

Prague  or Paris? Turkey or Spain? It is your choice where you want to study.

Study and learn with students from all corners of the world, discover a new language, and develop your independence.

The possibilities are  endless – from highly ranked research universities to smaller, specialised European colleges.

With over 4,000 European universities and colleges to choose from, in over 30 different countries, there will be a European course and degree to suit your needs.

European courses will open your eyes to new opportunities – and give you an education that employers around the world will really value and respect.

Reasons to  study in Europe?

In Europe , you can learn in English-if you want , or immerse yourself fully in a new culture and language. From the Arctic Circle to the coast of Africa, you can explore a truly diverse and multicultural region, with a rich academic history spanning thousands of years.

No matter where you choose to study, you’ll only be a short train ride or flight away from other countries and cultures. Studying in Europe allows you to explore the world – while you study and when you finish your Degree in Europe.

Europe has developed a quality assurance scheme, covering all European higher education courses. You’ll find European degrees are great value for money – tuition fees and living expenses are very reasonable, international scholarships are widely available, and education is highly valued in all countries.

Cost of Studying in Europe 

The cost of studying in Europe varies greatly by country and region but a truly world-class education is obtainable without overextending your budget.

Course fees and living expenses are reasonable, but they can vary widely by country and region.

Course duration ranges from 3-4 years for undergraduate courses and 1+ years for postgraduate courses.

Take notice

Learn more about intake dates, application deadlines, student visas and English language requirements before applying to a European University or College.

Intake dates vary from country to country but most countries have a main intake in September or October (rolling intake for some programs and institutions) – see course descriptions for more detailed information

Preferred English language test is IELTS for universities or colleges with programs taught in English. TOEFL is also widely accepted.

Czech College in Prague 

Czech College in Prague is a private management school focused on teaching Business in English. We are  known for our innovative curriculum and our focus on group exercises and case studies .Also we support students in securing their future career by providing them with modern and  practical  business knowledge.  

Our approach is global and we  educate students to become global citizens. We nurture students in a way, they think globally while working in any part of the world.

Why Study in Czech Republic 

Long tradition of quality education

High quality education and research, especially in Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, has a long tradition in the Czech Republic. The Charles University in Prague was founded in 1348 and is the oldest university in the Central Europe. Quality assurance of various activities of higher education institutions belongs to the main priorities of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

Diverse range of study programmes

Czech universities offer long-standing reputations, unique conception and interesting specializations. Students can come for a short study visit or to complete their degree in a wide range of traditional as well as newly-emerging disciplines.

Location in the heart of Europe

Studying in the Czech Republic puts you in the middle of Europe and you have a great chance to discover all European countries and places you might otherwise not have had the opportunity to visit.

Lower costs of living

Although some nickname Czech Republic as Switzerland of the Eastern Europe, the costs of living in Czech Republic are among the cheapest in the Central and Eastern European countries so the life is thus more affordable.

Contact Czech College for More details. We will be happy to answer your questions.