Tips on living with a roommate

Study in Europe:Useful tips on shared accommodation and getting along with roommate.

As the number of international students at European colleges continues to rise, as in Czech College ,  there are certain  concerns among new students as to how well they can get along with people from other countries especially in the case of shared accommodation.Chances are even before you make a friend in the new land, you will first be with your roommate and there are high chances they are not from the country of your origin.

Here are some tips that may help you.

Work on your  expectations

If your dorming or living on campus in college provided accommodations, the college or dorm authorities will inform you about the details of your roommate or flatmate. Use this information to form an idea about what to expect from your roommate.Be sure to research a little about the culture, customs and behavioral norms of the country your roommate is from, so you know his/her background. This will help you understand them better.If you have never lived on your own, learn how to cook and clean before you leave for the college. It is not fair to assume your roommate will do your chores for you.

Getting along 

Depending on the disposition of your roommate, during the initial few days the conversations may or may not flow easily. Give some days for things to settle down and the flow of communication will be balanced out.Sample cuisine from your roommate’s native country. Go to a restaurant or cook together his native foods. Ask your roommate to tell you what they know about cuisine in their native country in general.Explore the city together. Your roommate will probably be your first friend in the country, so you need to know the nearest grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, hospitals and clinics etc.Try learning basic words in his/her native language. Along with that, consider being a part of their celebrations of national or religious days.


You should contribute financially to shared household or grocery items such as soap, milk, eggs, food bills etc. Also, if you have to purchase furniture, dishes, or appliances, both of you should contribute equally.No matter what culture your roommate belongs to, there are some things which are universally appreciated like cleanliness, respecting privacy of others and being responsible.Divide the responsibilities equally. Decide who will cook, do the dishes, clean, throw out the trash etc. It is best to divide these jobs right in the beginning to avoid complications later.

Remember that Living with an international student can add a different value to your college experience.

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