Tips in Finding Student Accomodation

Studying in Europe : tips for Accommodation

If you are an international student landing in a new country for your studies, the best option to consider is a university housing.

If there’s decent student accommodation on-campus, you can save yourself a massive headache.You may also  want to know if there’s special housing for postgraduate students, sometimes if you’re doing a masters or PhD you may need more studious atmosphere. Also here you may land in the company of some mature students 🙂

Shared apartments

You should know beforehand the rent-cycle of your city by asking around either your university or friends. For example, places like Prague, you don’t really need to start looking for a place to live more than 2-3 weeks before you need something as things come and go pretty quickly, but in smaller towns, places may be listed well in advance.

Please note that , it is unlikely that housing will meet all of your expectations, but ensure that it meets your basic requirements. You will, after all, have to spend a significant amount of time in that space which will serve as your surrogate home.

Internet is your friend

Check student housing forums in the country of your school to see if people are chatting about good local sites to search for student accommodation. It’s also good to join the Facebook groups for your college, often there will be a Czech College Class of 2015 or  so, so all the incoming students will join up and chat with each other, this could be a great place to post a question about looking for housemates etc.

Use Google streetview for picking place/street where  you want to live, if you’ve got a few tips of what neighborhoods are an ok fit for your budget, pan around with Google streetview and see if you’d actually want to live there.

Student services office

The Student coordinator at your College/University will have information on  student-friendly buildings, search sites and sometimes even a website for people to post for flat shares and buddy-ups. So do ask for help from that desk.

Real Estate Agencies

Rental agencies that handle rentals can be a nice and easy way to go but you’ll be paying for fees and have to have people with you that are also ready to move in. If you have a group of friends or have found some like-minded people on Facebook, this might be an easy route, but it’ll just mean that you have to meet all the requirements like heavy advance and signing the lease papers etc.

Stay tuned, we will writing more about this here .