Most affordable MBA study abroad programme in Europe

Study One year MBA in Prague, Europe

One year MBA programmes have increasingly  become popular in the recent years. In the one-year MBA programme students can get the masters degree in a short span of time and move on with their career hunt.  It saves time and money . 1-year MBA program is also  ideal for on-job learners who opt to study and work at the same time.

Choosing one year MBA in Europe is a wise decision as far as your career is concerned. In Europe 12-month degree is more common compared to  USA or the rest of the world and there is good chance that you can even get into a prestigious business  school.

One year MBA Programmes in Central Europe.

Business schools from Central and Eastern Europe are emerging as the place to be for both local and international MBA candidates. Over the last two decades, Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) has established itself as one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

When choosing an MBA, managers and professionals, as well as young local entrepreneurs started to look at what business schools in the region could offer them, rather than towards expensive top US  business schools. International students who dream of setting start a career in Europe as they study there  are increasingly getting hired by local employers now as they see them better equipped with a local educational background business skills required for such market.

What is good about one year MBA programme.

The main difference between 2-year MBA and 1-year MBA is that the latter will not have internship which usually lasts up to 6 to 9 month depending on the college you study.

Apart from this, both are generally same programme , but 1 year MBA being bit more packed up and demanding bit more of your time.

However the internship has two potential benefits: 1) Better chances of getting a job. 2) A first look at what you will be doing after your MBA,  this is very important to prepare you for your life after school.

If you have already employed and planning to better your career prospects in continuing down the same career path (industry) that you started, and you don’t need that internship, then do the 1 year program.

However, if you are doing this to break into a completely different career, then that summer internship can be  extremely valuable.

1 year MBA is more affordable compared to two 2 year MBA . If cost is your concern, go for one year MBA.

One year MBA in Prague

Prague is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic. It is the fourteenth-largest city in the European Union. Czech Republic has a developed economy and studying MBA here is a great opportunity to study in a place growing with possibilities.

Czech Col­lege based in Prague  has a number of international business programmes ranging from one to two years. Despite the distinctively Czech names of its corporate backers, the school prides itself on its international nature. Contact us for more  Information on  1-year MBA/ Business Programme   for  the current academic year . We will be happy to answer your questions.