Information Technology Programmes

Study IT in Europe

Studying information technology and related programs provides you with the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to keep abreast of this rapidly changing field of technology.

International students studying Information Technology  in  Europe can expect terrific preparation for a career as an IT manager, software developer or web application developer. Also degree in any of this  field will teach many skills transferable to a wide range of other careers.

Computer Science : 

As with computer science at its  core, like many other discipline is about coming up with logical solutions to real-world problems using current computing technology. It is thus the broad scientific study of computational systems, and more specifically includes artificial intelligence, security, human-computer interactions, numerical analysis, database systems, and theories of computing.

Electronics :  

Electronics help you to learn about the behavior and movement of electrons in a semiconductor, conductor, vacuum and gas in order to design and build circuits.

Information System :  

Information system  design and develop new methods and processes of data collection, storage and output. Today, information systems underpin many areas of business and technology.

Software Development : 

Software development Involves computer programming, testing, and bug-fixing to create and maintain applications and frameworks in order to develop a software product.

 Web Development :

Web development  deals with latest web technologies that are relevant to build client-server web applications. It provides insight into state-of-the-art web design practice and addresses emerging topics such as cloud-computing or the web as a big-data platform. One with web development skills will be able to transform user requirements into industry-standard web applications using  design and programming skills.

Information Technology Programmes at Czech College

At Czech College we have programme covering Digital Communication, Web development and E-business. Combining both technical IT and creative skills, this study area cuts across traditional disciplines, allowing you to develop a package of complementary skills that extend the core studies in IT into the design and development of interactive media. Learn how to design and author multimedia information, create electronic documents, design and manipulate databases and information systems, and develop in-demand interactive media project management skills.

At present Czech College offers 4 programmes in the area. They are :

BSc Multimedia – Web development and E-business
BSC Multimedia- Digital Communication
Masters in Web development and E-business
Masters in Digital Communication.

The programmes are offered   in association The Pole Universitaire Leonard de Vinci, France. Our faculty comprises of highly qualified, experienced teachers and we offer a comprehensive programme with a syllabus  tailored  to suit the demands of the booming internet industry.

Contact Czech College, if you are thinking of studying in Europe . We will be happy to help you with your queries.