MBA Abroad

Students short guide to study MBA abroad

Students short guide to study MBA abroad

An MBA or Masters of Business Administration is available at universities, colleges and business schools worldwide, but finding the right one for you can be a difficult, but important choice in advancing your career.Since the first MBA was awarded in 1940, students with an MBA have had an advantage in business. Studying an MBA course abroad is an excellent way for business people looking to gain additional skills or for managers aspiring to leadership positions.

MBA courses that you can study abroad can vary in length and study modes; you could study an MBA part-time, full-time or as a distance learner. Equally, you could take an MBA abroad that lasts one, two or more years.

Also studying an MBA in the Europe  will have different requirements to studying an MBA in USA .

Choosing an MBA

You can take an MBA in a variety of study modes. Many MBA Programs are for 2 years, but other options are available depending on your needs as the following.

Standard MBA program (1-2 years)
Executive MBA program (EMBA)
Part time MBA program
Distance learning MBA program

MBA Programs are also offered as specialisations or joint degrees in environment, engineering, health, hospitality, information technology and more.

Requirements for studying an MBA abroad

MBA courses aren’t open to everybody. There are some requirements, which will be stipulated by the university or business school that is offering the MBA. You will usually require to have prior knowledge of business, through an undergraduate degree or equivalent qualification in any subject area. This is a requirement for most MBA programs but requirements vary .

Most US business schools will also require GMAT score but other destinations vary. GMAT is the Graduate Management Admissions Test used to measure your ability to succeed in graduate business studies.

Often, you’ll require some work experience within a managerial role. Typically, this is 2 or 3 years, but some MBA programs are more flexible and may require less if the candidate is suitable. 

When you’re studying an MBA abroad, you’ll probably be studying it in English. As such, you’ll have to hold suitable English language levels. These are assessed through English language testing. 

Tuition fees for studying an MBA abroad vary greatly, but in general they range from US$10,000 to US$25,000+ per year.


If you’re studying an MBA abroad, you’ll need to check you can gain the relevant visa for studying in that country. Because there are so many different countries that you may choose to study your MBA in.


Applying for your MBA is a big undertaking. There is the personal statement to think about and the actual application. Luckily, in many cases you can apply to your chosen MBA directly through respective institutes like Czech College here.  

As far as writing your personal statement goes, it is upto you state your objective to undertake the programme.

MBA Scholarships

Studying abroad can be expensive. As such, many people look for study abroad scholarships to help them afford their dream. Scholarships are often fiercely competitive and as such require a lot of time to ensure your application is successful. Even with this dedication, there is no guarantee you’ll receive a scholarship for an MBA. But some Insititues directly offers MBA to deserving students,as we do at Czech College.
More about Czech College.

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