Travel in Europe

Student Travel : Europe’s four affordable cities to explore

Here we have put down some of the Europe’s most affordable cities in view of students travel. 

Oftentimes more affordable cities come with pricier plane tickets. So we advise to  use  Europe’s well connected rail network to cut the cost with your travel. Please note that we have calculated the cost in dollars.

Prague, Czech Republic

During the past decade, Prague has become a popular destination among travelers. This, however, has been the stimulus for price hikes. Surprisingly enough, Prague has remained affordable! The European Backpackers Index gives this city a daily cost of about $41. This is partially due to more modest lodging accommodations so if you do not want to sacrifice your housing quality, then be sure to do some research. Perhaps you can make up for any lost dollar with your beer purchases. reports that Prague averages $1.06 per pint!

Berlin, Germany

Even though flying into Berlin is not the cheapest during the spring and summer months, the unique city makes up for it with the cost of accommodations. The healthy competition among hotels and hostels keeps costs low while still maintaining their quality. According to CNN, Berlin also has some of the most affordable 5-star hotels. With fancy living aside, European 3-Star Traveler Index said that the average traveler spends about $108 a day.

Krakow, Poland

Krakow is yet another city where the currency exchange rate is good for dollar. Krakow accommodations also receive great rankings. Average lodging costs for a backpacker are roughly $25 and a budget traveler is looking at around $58. Great airfare is possible, so check out flights today! The city may be a bit more expensive than neighboring areas, but Krakow is rich with history and attractions.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest’s affordability is attributable to many things, one that stands out the most is its currency, the forint. Due to the exchange rate, the U.S. dollar is able to be stretched far. Eating, drinking, and sightseeing throughout Budapest on a budget is incredibly easy! Even with the more expensive hotels factored in, the average hotel will cost about $100 a night. Thermal spas are a must if you are in the area. Admissions can be as low as $4. 

The best of Europe is  closer than you think! With a little bit of planning and budgeting, the possibilities are endless!