Marketing Professional - Highly rewarding Career

Specialization in Marketing : Becoming a Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager is one who manages the marketing techniques such as advertising, distributing and selling of a product to the clients in a well organized manner. It is a hundred percent achievement-oriented field in the business administration which has opened limitless opportunity for the young and dynamic professionals in diverse spheres with the promise of rewards in the form of comparatively better salary/pay packages, high status and wide scope to reach at the apex of the ladder of the administration.

Out of many specialized filed in  business administration,  Marketing is considered as the most challenging and rewarding as well.  It is a career that needs professional as well as personal skills. Earlier a career in Marketing management was considered as a male dominated field but with the passage of time it has become woman friendly and now more and more females are getting into this profession.

Now-a-days well-trained, skilled and highly motivated Marketing Managers are required for the growth of the sales of an organization/company to compete in the very competitive world markets. For this to achieve Marketing Managers are bound to understand well the product, price, placement or distribution, and promotion or publicity.

To discharge his duties efficiently and effectively he requires special study and training of 2 to 3 years. So to be a Marketing Manager one has to follow the below given path.

To become a successful Marketing Manager one should have Master’s Degree in Marketing Management i.e MBA (Marketing ). The courses specifically meant for Human Resource Management are:

1. Master of Business Administration (Marketing)
2. Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management

How to become a Marketing Manager?

  • To be a successful Marketing Manager one should first attain the essential education. It can be a Master’s degree in Management or Diploma course as given above.
  • After acquiring the minimum required qualification one can apply for the job of a Marketing Manager whenever there is some vacancy for the post of Marketing Manager.

Marketing Manager Job Description and Career Prospects

Marketing manager job profile includes developing, establishing and maintaining marketing strategies for meeting the objectives of the enterprise/organization. Marketing manager of a company is responsible for effective management of the marketing, advertising and promotional activities of the organization. For achieving his goal he is supposed to manage, supervise and coordinate the staff involved in the process of marketing, advertising and other promotional activities.

Marketing manager is also responsible for conducting market research to determine market requirements for existing and future products of the organizations. On the basis of the analyses of the market research a marketing manager develop and implement marketing plans and projects for new and existing products.

In a pursuit to maximize the sales and profit of the organization the marketing manager monitor all marketing activity and results to determine  the marketing budget of the company.

Marketing Manager Salary

Salary of Marketing managers varies depending on the type of organization, economic activity, geographic location and margin of profit of the product. It also depends upon the personal skills of the individual concerned as it is a hundred percent performance oriented field of the business administration.

However new Incumbents are offered anywhere near  Euro 2000 to  Euro 4000 per month on an average but for the experienced and successful Marketing manager sky is the limit as far as monetary incentives are concerned.