Quito, Ecuador Campus

Study in Latin America

Czech College in Quito, Ecuador commenced operation in 2017. Located at an altitude of 2850 meters above sea level, Quito, the capital city of Ecuador, is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. The country is known for its rich bio-diversity and cultural heritage. Since 13th March 2000 USD is the legal tender in Ecuador. Adopting the USD, and booming export of oil and gold has helped its economy grow rapidly to become one of the most stable in South America.

The campus located in the city centre, is easily accessible by public transportation. Around the campus are restaurants, cafes, malls, parks and facilities for leisure activities.

The Quito campus currently offers BBA- Bachelor of Business Administration and  Post graduate diploma in Strategic Management leading to MBA. Students at the Quito campus who successfully complete the program are also eligible for a National Diploma in Business from Ecuador.