Prague is a city jewelled with cobbled pathways and charming lanes

Prague : Living and Getting around in the City

Prague is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in the world. It is located in the very heart of Europe and its origin dates back to the 9th century. Prague boasts a very well preserved historical centre, protected by UNESCO. The Prague Castle and river Vltava, running through Prague’s hills and valleys, enhances the beauty of this already stunning landscape.

Prague is a city jewelled with cobbled pathways and charming lanes. This city encourages you to take walks and revel in the beauty of the city. The historical city centre of the city is best explored on foot. However, there are also some far flung attractions that are impossible to visit without a means of transport. Fortunately, Prague has a well developed and efficient infrastructure for transport. Public transport is effective, frequent and safe. Even late at night, public transport is used by the young and old alike. Metro, trams and buses run smoothly and are used by most of the population over private transport. Prague boasts of having one of the best transport systems in Europe.

Getting around in Prague

Differently than lots of countries Czech universities are not centralized in one campus. The faculties are spread in different buildings around different places as they grew during the centuries.

All big Czech cities have a very vast and well organized public transportation system which usually covers all their area and operates 24 hours a day. In Prague there is the option of subway, trams and bus. Surely one of them will give you the possibility to get anywhere around the city.

Prague has 3 subway lines as well as various bus and tram lines. The metro runs from early morning till midnight. The bus and tram schedules are posted at the stops. Buses and trams start early and end late by connecting to the metro. Tickets can be obtained from ticket machines, bus drivers, tobacco shops, convenience stores, conductors of EC/IC trains and Prague Public Transit Offices. Various types of tickets are available at these transit offices. Tickets need to be verified immediately after boarding by slipping it in the yellow boxes on the train or bus. A fine is liable for an unstamped ticket.


By joining the Czech College, you will get the opportunity to live a real Czech student life in our hostel. Here you will share room with other students from any part of the world, which will for sure provide you a more complete local student experience.


Czech Republic is generally very safe place, including big cities. For example Prague (its capital) is considered to be one of the most safe capitals in Europe. The acts of violence are really rare in the town and because of that Czech citizens and foreigners are used to walk along Prague streets at any hour of the day or night. Of course, keeping some caution for possible pickpockets is always welcome in any part of the world and also for the Czech Republic.

Cost of Living

Czech Republic is considered to be a non-expensive place for most foreigners . A regular meal in a typical good quality restaurant is around 4 to 8 Euros.It is also easy and considerably not expensive to travel around to neighbor countries by train or bus. Tickets from Prague to Munich, Berlin, Vienna or Budapest are around 15 to 25 euros. Tickets for other towns in the Czech Republic are usually not more than 10 euros.For the students who are searching for rich cultural activities, Czech Republic is a great option. Its capital, Prague, is an amazing destination. Famous for its erudition, this city is different from most towns in the world. In the Czech’s capital it is possible to watch stunning classical concerts, operas or ballets in the most beautiful theaters in Europe for less than 10 euros. For those who are looking for a live night-life, Prague’s clubs are famous in the whole continent. The entrance tickets for most of the clubs in the city vary from 5 to 15 euros.And last, but not least: the beer! The Czech people are incredibly proud of their beer, considered by many as the best beer in the world. In the Czech Republic it is not an overstatement to tell that beer is cheaper than water. In most of the restaurants it is true. The half-liter glass cost as little as 1 euro.

It is very difficult to describe lives  in the Czech Republic in these few lines. So if you would have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us. As some of us are Czech or lived here for long enough, we are always happy to share our culture, customs and information about the place we live.