Czech Culture

Cultural sites of Czech Republic

Czech Republic is incredible number of cultural sites, picturesque historical towns .The Czech Republic displays a symbiosis of natural and man-made beauty. As far as cultural sites are concerned it is a top European destination. Tourists from around the globe come to see its culture, history and architecture. The clearest evidence of this is the inclusion of 12 sites in Bohemian and Moravian towns in UNESCO’s world cultural heritage list.

Visitors can easily reach any of these places by car from Prague in a matter of 30 minutes to 3 hours. Prague’s historical center has been part of the UNESCO list since 1992. No other place on earth can boast such a high concentration of UNESCO sites in such a small area.


The Czech capital is both a modern city and an architectural treasure trove rolled into one. The so-called Royal Way links the most notable tourist sites located in the old city center, itself more than 1000 years old. The Royal Way starts at theMunicipal House and ends at the Prague Castle . Those who stroll its entire length have the chance to admire the most important square in Prague, the Old Town Square with its celebrated old town hall and astronomical clock. Then there is the magnificent Charles Bridge dating from the middle of the 14th century, adorned with 30 Baroque statues of the saints – to mention a few.

Prague is also a place with a vibrant pulsating cultural life. Locals and visitors have a choice of over 300 galleries and exhibition spaces which display a good cross-section of work by Czech and foreign artists, countless museums and numerous theaters, concert halls, cinemas and music clubs.

Today, Prague  shines brightly and proudly as a cultural beacon. As a city to create, exhibit, or perform in, it knows no equal, and this is reflected in the vast range of events that take place here.

If you care to know more, here is the link to the website of Ministry of Culture – Czech Republic.