Try out a beer spa in Czech

beer is healthly, not just as a drink but also as a bath

Beer bath in Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic beer baths are a full-scale trend. It is a special spa therapy which combines the salutary curative effects of mineral water with the effects of beer and all of the ingredients which are used for beer production. The beneficial effects of a beer bath have been known since the Middle Ages. Medieval doctors, herbalists and bone setters were perfectly aware of the fact that bathing in yeasty beer has curative effects, including prevention against a number of diseases.

Taking a beer bath does not mean that you will bathe in 100% beer and get tipsy as if from a glass of strong beer. This procedure is intended for recovery and restoration of skin beauty. Components present in naturally brewed beer, also known as a by-product of beer production, are added to the bath water since they have been known and used as curatives for centuries. It is well known that barley, hops, malt and brewing yeasts are necessary for production of beer alongside other different spicy plants, which are products created by Mother Nature.

At present, beer baths in the Czech Republic mostly include bathing in water enriched with a mixture of ground herbs and brewer’s yeast, as well as massage, curative wraps and naturally, drinking beer.

The aroma of beer permeates off the skin during the hourlong procedure. While the softness of the skin is felt almost immediately, the active minerals from the bath are absorbed into the skin slowly.   The hops work to exfoliate while the yeast fortifies the skin with B vitamins, proteins and antioxidants. so bathers are asked not to shower for the rest of the day. 

It is said that beer baths have a possitive effects to the body detoxification, on blood circulation, specificaly on bad blood circulation in legs. Beer baths have a possitive effect on the immune system, calming of nervous system and reduce the stress, support gastro-immunesystem – i.e. digestion, treats indigestion, relieve joint paint.

Beer baths have also a beneficial effect on our skin and hair. It regenerates, skin is getting smooth and bath-well, the hair is shiny and healthy. From these reasons beer baths are suitable also for people with problematic skin.