Why One-Year MBA ?

Advantages of taking One-Year MBA programme while studying abroad.

The European b-schools  offer one year long MBA courses. But generally there is a perception that 2-year MBAs are good-that one year programs are less valuable than two year. But it appears that this perception is  wrong. For example  many  colleges in US have started to offer their students options between one year and two years.

Advantage of one-year MBA

These one year programs have been in the mainstreams in Europe for years. They greatly reduce the burden of tuition fees, room and boarding rent by cutting the expenditure in half.
Those who graduate with one year MBAs land into jobs with the same pay scale as those with two years MBA.Since this course is a condensed version, students enter to learn what they need, and get out in time to restart their careers.

Learning is fast-paced in the one year programmes, and a greater level of efficiency is required from the students. The focus is tighter and precise, with integrated courses and fewer electives.For those with a tighter budget, one year MBAs are a big help.

Advantage of two-year MBA

A two year MBA program provides  internship which is very important in landing a good job afterwards. An internship gives you practical experience in your field of interest and most employers recruit summer interns as full-time employees.

Two year courses are more rigorous, and go into more details of the core courses. For those students who want to develop specialist skills in a particular subject, the choice of two year program is better as it gives them ample time to explore the details of that particular subject and industry.

One year MBA programme is for students who want to cut financial costs, expand their knowledge base and get better job opportunities.The traditional two year MBA, their course provides internship opportunities between the two years, as well as more networking opportunities.

Studying in Czech College

Czech College based in Prague is a business school with an international focus .Established as a new  age Business School , Czech College offers affordable quality education in accordance with international standards to students from around the world .

Czech College offers a one-year postgraduate programs in Busi­ness, Inter­na­tional Man­age­ment, Finance, Mar­ket­ing, Entre­pre­neur­ship and Oper­a­tions Management that are accredited by ATHE.

Admission open for  February  2015 intake. You can fill the online application here 

If you need further details mail us at : maill@czco.cz